The Impact of Live Streaming Weddings in Singapore: A Modern Solution


1. Introduction

Redefined wedding services in the form of virtual wedding events and video streaming were quickly introduced to meet the needs of couples who wanted the best of discreet celebrations and the joy of sharing their union with an audience. With access to technological advancements, these services aided in making virtualized wedding experiences part and parcel of the modern wedding. Using a convenience sample survey, this paper investigates the impact of a live-streamed wedding celebration on wedding celebrations in Singapore. Specifically, themes of Time and Space and On-Screen Existence and Arrival were explored. Implications of such virtual wedding events on wedding event set-up and whether the value of a physical wedding experience would be downplayed in future are further interrogated.

The Covid-19 pandemic, amid city-wide lockdowns and travel restrictions, has led to the postponement of many wedding celebrations globally. In Singapore, Phase 1 ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures included the forfeiture of pre-scheduled large-scale wedding celebrations. Consequently, many couples chose to delay their joyous occasion, preempting the restrictions on small wedding events. Subsequently, Phase 2 guidelines imposing a 50-guest limit on wedding guests came into effect, further restricting the size and festive atmosphere of wedding celebrations. Many couples who grappled with the situation helplessly either opted for a small solemnization at home or postponed their wedding date to a future period when regulations had eased. Given the economic hardship resulting from the impact of the global health crisis, encouraging efforts were made by industry practitioners and professionals in assisting wedding couples hoping to celebrate still in ways that kept a personalized touch while keeping celebrations small and yet meaningful.

1.1. Background and Significance of Live Streaming Weddings

Live streaming Singapore of wedding ceremonies has recently become popular in Singapore and has opened new opportunities for videographers who provide wedding services in a mature wedding market, with videography as an important affair in the local culture. Trending with the times and desires of couples have prompted these companies to adopt new equipment and skills that capture the wedding’s sweetest moments and broadcast them live over the internet. It is understandable that streaming ceremonies have been appreciated by both locals and overseas viewers for the opportunity, wherein pre-recorded edited videos have traditionally been consumed after the wedding. The online broadcast allows around-the-world family members and friends to watch the wedding live, no matter how distant they may be. The live broadcast even enables the participation of immediate family members who are ill or physically unable to attend the wedding. Anytime, anywhere, and using any device that supports internet access, they can still watch and warmly bless the couples.

Involving overseas guests and well-wishers in weddings has always been a challenge, and newer means of communication have always played a key role. Live stream service weddings on the internet, whereby those who could not make it to the actual event still feel that they have taken part in the celebration, is of great significance. This paper illustrates how weddings in Singapore have been successfully live streamed by popular videography studios, such as Blissfulpix and Renatus 7, eliminating the problem of how to get overseas guests to feel part of the joy and happiness at Singapore’s matrimonial celebrations. The result is that the newlyweds need not feel as though they have left anyone out. This helps to explain how Singapore’s racial-ethnic melting pot has created a market demand for live streaming, a trend that is expected to accelerate. Our research study interviews the intended couples, video stream, and their guests, as well as the wedding videographers. This project provides an excellent case study and solution in wedding ceremonies involving SSEAN (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia (Kampuchea), Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines, East Timor) and international couples. The result is that everyone, particularly the happy couple, will leave the marriage ceremony with sweet, beautiful, and lasting memories.

2. Technological Aspects of Live Streaming

Enabled by modern information communication technology (ICT), contents of various types, including 4K of high resolution, are being live streamed. More importantly, live streaming shares most attributes of downloading digital video across the internet. It makes nearly instant video access become practical in modern times. Popular or profound pieces of live video can easily ‘go viral’ and gain a worldwide audience. These facilitate a huge number of applications of live streaming in numerous domains.

Live streaming is the process of transmitting a video or an image in real time over the internet. It bypasses the conventional process of capturing, recording, and broadcasting video content. The audience on the web can simply view the live broadcast via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer. Broadcasted content could also be stored or played back on the relevant internet platform for a period of time depending on the policy of the platform chosen by the operator.

2.1. Equipment and Software Requirements

In summary, the equipment needed for live streaming includes: backdrop, lighting and ring light, tripod, selfie stick, adaptors, chargers, power banks, lg stands, technology-friendly friends, Wi-Fi extender, and loan devices. Each of these devices has its own functions and purposes for use. To make the live stream visible to friends and family, it is necessary to link the established trial to at least two or three platforms. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp can be used as platforms for broadcasting live. It is important to check if the desired streaming platform can be broadcasted. There are many software options that support and facilitate live streaming, such as ClickMeeting for video conferencing, and the use of Filmora and OBS Studio. OBS Studio is mainly used and highly compatible or recommended when planning a live wedding abroad. VLC provides a feed to be used to link the website to the channel and output the protocol. While the information on the software is the minimum required, given the ease of setting up a live stream, further investigation is always highly recommended.

Servion has issued a statement that couples preparing to live stream their weddings need at least two smartphones with a minimum of two cameras to broadcast live on two platforms, in order to ensure a stable video conference connection. The initiated session must maintain at least a minimum to function properly, which is a 0.5 MB per second broadband connection speed. It is also recommended to have a Wi-Fi range extender or testing to ensure ample bandwidth and a stable connection. Additionally, it is advisable to consider including loan devices in case of emergencies.

3. Benefits and Challenges of Live Streaming Weddings

3.2 Convenience Convenience was the second most mentioned benefit. Given the limited hours of a wedding banquet, clients are often faced with hard choices. If we invite all our relatives, we would not be able to invite many friends. On the other hand, if we only invite friends to ‘help’ us fill the table, then it does not reflect a thanksgiving gesture. The ability to stream enables clients to relax their guestlist constraint and is a win-win solution for everyone. Indeed, the respondents mentioned that it was a solution and it helped them to relax as they did not have to worry about their elderly relatives not being able to view the live streaming or that they will feel discomfort; hence, it was beneficial for the couple as well as the attendees.

3.1 Reflection of Economic Difficulties Coupled with the risk of not being able to recoup their banquet deposit, clients are becoming more price-sensitive but are faced with the traditional expectation of inviting and hosting relatives and friends at a wedding banquet. However, with the COVID-19 outbreak and economic uncertainties, millions of jobs and many types of businesses have been impacted, resulting in many people being asked to take no-pay leave or being retrenched, and this has put pressure on these people to attend a wedding banquet. Against the backdrop of such challenges, our survey respondents’ most mentioned benefit was that their friends and relatives were able to see and enjoy their big day despite the physical limitations.

3.1. Advantages for Couples and Guests

The reasons spurring the desirability for live streaming by couples vary. The need of the matter is for elderly family members, close relatives, incapacitated individuals, living abroad, friends who are just too lazy, previously uninvited friends, and even those who wanted to come but decided not to last minute. For the couple, there are also additional advantages, enabling neighbors and friends who lived in the same estate to hold concurrent small block parties and enjoy the marriage celebration, yet allow the couple the pleasure of the actual ceremony. Some rural couples celebrate at home. These are just examples of the kind of experience possible. The limits are only those that the couple could possibly conceive.

To this end, while live streaming is a fairly recent practice, as of the time of writing of this paper, it has already been made available to online audiences on Facebook for almost half a year. Our paper contributes to this ongoing conversation of marriage laws adapting to modern social practices by examining the multi-tier implications of permitting live streaming of marriages. We also further examine the implications of this practice, particularly within a uniquely Singaporean legal context.

4. Legal and Ethical Considerations

International law normally requires each country to criminalize polygamy, forced marriage, child marriage, and underage marriage ceremonies. Laws are continuously updated to ensure the legal status of foreign polygamous marriages and underage marriage ceremonies are not recognized. Legal recognition of only a s.51 Minister’s dispensation may Suelyiin arbitration mandated by a Majesty’s proclamation meeting to satisfy legal requirements prior. Human trafficking and modern slavery are growing global problems. Many victims are lured out from their home country by the promise of lawful work, then forced to marry an appropriate perpetrator, and then they qualify for their partner’s immigration status through the operation of S.13(9). I am glad I can play a part in assisting couples to unite in marriage.

This study involves the union of two areas of law – its capacity for facilitating live stream weddings which are meant to ensure its validity under Singapore law. Separate legal documents from both marriage modules are administratively necessary for family stability and the real and emotional security of the union. Enabling the remote performance of marriage from different locations further erodes the traditional concept of a marriage ceremony as a unique shared space. The physical existence of the wedding will challenge what it means to marry in Singapore. I argue that marriage is not weakened by the need to be physically present at the marriage ceremony. With the prevalence of social media and technologically enhanced experiences, online engagement of the non-resident family and friends of the couple is facilitated without providing an equivalent access to the marriage ceremony itself.

5. Future Trends in Live Streaming Weddings

The platform should offer a URL or an embedded link to give specific guests a full video experience. The guests can dial in through a separate audio conferencing through a telephone and use a phone system or direct route mode for a traditional event physical spaces, with one video transition at a time publicly broadcast, live and on-demand, including the option of the call to action. These are all revolutionary tools, advanced custom settings to manage emails, customize the form submitted pages, conference attributes, custom branding, network optimization, and a customer success team are also available. These platforms are on the cutting edge of supporting socially distanced live streamings of weddings and commercial events.

As the world continues to grapple with the realities of a global pandemic and its effects, live streaming weddings are here to stay. The entire concept of how and what makes a dream wedding is about to undergo significant redefinition as troubled times demand innovative and practical solutions. With the right kinds of apps, plug-and-play cameras, and a suite of templates and effects, Microsoft’s Teams and Skype for Business Live Events and Zoom have blazed a new trail to convening remotely and conferencing with grace and stability. These platforms allow the host and certain designated people to use studio-like quality presentations or panels, live and on-demand events for the general public or a private audience.

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