Countries That Allow Gambling for Teenagers


Gambling activities that we know so far are activities that involve betting, of course using real money, but would you believe that there are countries that allow teenagers to gamble in their country. Of course, this may be quite surprising for some people who are new to it, but if we explore more deeply why this happens, we might find out. These countries definitely have reasons behind this which allow teenagers to gamble.

When Teenagers Gamble

The worst thing is that when we know that teenagers gamble, activities that are usually done by adults can now be done by teenagers who tend to still be in school. Of course, if this continues, he is afraid that it could have a negative impact that some parents may not want to experience, but what actually makes this happen?

Countries that Allow Gambling for Teenagers 


Who doesn’t know Japan? This country is famous for its advanced technology, global pop culture, and of course, the game of Pachinko. Pachinko is a very popular gambling game in Japan, and, believe it or not, there is no strict age limit for playing. Teenagers can easily access these Pachinko machines, even when they should be studying for school exams.


The Philippines is also on the list of countries that allow teenagers to gamble. Here, teenagers can access online casinos and slot games easily. Casinos in the Philippines do have age restrictions, but lax oversight means teenagers can sneak in and try their luck. Don’t be surprised if you find young people who are more fluent in strategies for playing online slots than in mathematics. 


Cambodia, the country famous for Angkor Wat, also has a dark side when it comes to gambling. Teenagers here are often involved in gambling activities, both in land-based casinos and slot online Local governments seem to focus more on tourism and ignore the negative impact of gambling on their young generation.

The Negative Impact of Gambling on the Youth Environment

Addiction and Addiction

What might happen when teenagers play gambling is of course this is a risk of increasing dependency and addiction in playing, how can teenagers not be given the freedom to play gambling games, especially if they know that they can get money instantly, but don’t know the concept of the game, of course? this is very dangerous. 

Influence in Educational and Social Environments

What is also feared in school matters is the problem of skipping lessons and prioritizing playing online slot gambling, this certainly sounds sad, the role of parents and also homeroom teachers is really needed to provide education about the impact of gambling.

Financial and Debt Problems 

Teenagers who gamble often do not have a good understanding of financial management. They can easily get caught in a cycle of debt because they hope to win big and pay off all their financial problems. In fact, the reality of gambling is far from that. 

Why does the government allow this?

Tax Revenue

What makes sense is that because the taxes incurred by gambling are quite large, this makes the government allow teenagers to gamble, if it were only adults, perhaps gambling activities would be unprofitable for them.


In some countries that allow gambling activities, sometimes to attract people to travel, presenting the concept of gambling might make it attractive to teenagers and also local tourists who want to visit. 

Solutions and Preventive Steps

Education and Awareness 

The first step that can be taken is through education and awareness. Teenagers need to be given an understanding of the risks and negative impacts of gambling. Educational programs in schools about financial management and the dangers of gambling addiction can be an effective solution. 

Using Strict Regulations

Perhaps it would be effective on a larger scale, the government could implement a strict gambling regulatory system, issue regulations that gambling is reserved for people over 21, and also set rules on online gambling platforms to make it difficult for teenagers to access. 

The importance of family support

The most important family support is always providing motivation regarding the negative impacts of gambling, instilling in children to always avoid it from an early age, perhaps it is better so that it is not difficult to manage when they reach adulthood.

Good wishes

Although this phenomenon seems bleak, there is hope for change. With the right education, stricter regulations, and family support, teenagers can be kept away from the world of gambling. However, this requires collective efforts from society, government and families. We all must play an active role in creating a safe and healthy environment for the younger generation.

Gambling may seem exciting and tempting to teenagers, especially in the form of easily accessible online slots. However, the lurking risks are far greater than the momentary profits. Let’s together keep their future bright and keep them away from the dangers of gambling.

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